Dimmable LED Desk Lamp

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  • CUSTOMIZE YOUR LIGHTING:4 lighting modes, 5 level brightness
  • Full-Spectrum 5V/2A USB Port for all Smartphone Charging.
  • EYE PROTECTION: ECO-material, anti-UV function, and Sufficient brightness are healthier for your eyes by reducing stress and exhaustion.
  • EXQUISITE DESIGN: Flexible Neck,360 Rotation, collapsible and led head can be turned 180, ideal for saving space, make your room neater.
  • ENERGY SAVING: Energy saving LED lighting cost 80% less energy than traditional lamps to save money and lower your power bills with cost-effective, 1-Hour Auto timer.
  • PACKAGE CONTAINS 1x CooCheer LED Lamp 1x USB Cable 1x Instruction Manual.

Why Choose Coocheer Smart LED Desk Lamp

Super Smart
Nightlight, smart mode control LED panel, as well as timer control function. Not only a user-friendly home lamp it is, but also an excellent office lamp.

Eyes Caring and Superior Light Quality
Comfortable, non-flickering light for stress-free productivity. Avoid eye fatigue that is usually caused by flickering lights and harsh glares.

4-Lighting Modes and 5-Level Dimmer
Reading Mode: Bright non-flickering Cool white light can reduce the eye fatigue very suitable use for reading.
Study Mode: High range color temperature can improve the user's attention and concentration.
Relax Mode: Low range color temperature can drives all your stress away and promotes your mood relax.
Sleep Mode: Cozy warm yellow light can put you into the depth and comfortable sleep.
Touch the up and down icons to adjust the brightness freely.

Cost 80% less energy than traditional lamps save money and lower your power bills with cost-effective, energy-saving LED lighting 1-Hour Auto timer.

Charge when you need it most
It's handy to have a charger in unexpected places: it has a built-in USB port for E-Readers charging phones and table.

Look Avant-garde
Minimalism design, simple and elegant, easy to match the surroundings.

What You Get
-1x Coocheer LED Lamp
-1x USB Cable
-1x Instruction Manual

Note :
- Use the USB port to charge your smart-phone, tablet or MP3 while reading
- To avoid damages to eyes, please do not look in the LEDs directly